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Hybrid post-processing algorithm to generate disparity depth map.
In this project, the student is required to develop a post-processing algorithm to generate a disparity depth map with hybrid method toward achieving an accurate performance in stereo matching with low error and low complex structures.
Post-processing algorithms for phenomenon speckle enhancement in Ultrasound Medical Images.
Ultrasound imaging plays a key role in this part, where currently it has become a high target than before, especially as a clinical information resource. However, speckle noises are significantly degrading the quality of ultrasound imaging which influenced the accurate diagnosis. The proposed methods to solve the speckle phenomenon and enhance ultrasound images still suffer from low computational efficiency, image features damaging, and characterized also by low speckle reduction. Therefore, this project attracts a highly effective method for phenomenon reduction on medical ultrasound imaging by means of a new optimized GUI post-processing technique.